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kushblends99 2016/09/06 08:34:39 0 0
I'm trying to solve captchas with botchief and I'm having trouble finding the right control. In other words, where exactly do I make the blue square select around the captchas that pop up?I'm using the NewCaptcha Module (Operation you choose from the left side)There are three different type of captchas (pictures attached) that keep popping up. Is it the same kind of selection/operation for them all?Also, what options do I choose that's going to help solve the captcha correctly? The opt...
ellabella 2017/01/12 20:17:02 0 0
I just purchased the 3 day trial. The serial number given is invalid. I emailed them, no reply. Is it normal to have to file a refund with paypal because of being given invalid serial number? I'm not happy about paying for something i can't use, especially if i only get 3 days to try it, so far not impressed at all.Wow, retract all that. Online chat was off when i posted this. I noticed it on and within 5 minutes they have fixed the issue for me. That's very fast and...
kampay 2016/12/04 14:23:05 0 0
Where can I get http://getnumber.whitehatbox.com/ api documentation? So I can use in another software.thanks
mmdti 2015/07/07 15:41:26 0 0
When I tried to install the WhiteHatBox app it starts then said new version click OK. After click download stops and says update failed try again later. I've just paid for the 3 days for $7 through PayPal. This has been happening for the last few weeks.Please advise
RWeeks 2017/01/03 17:39:32 0 0
the product affiliate link is extremely long and it shows up as whitehatbox.com when posted on FB and  not the product I was promoting.  How do you suggest one go about promoting the links do we email, fb ?   Better step by step instructions of what to do and how to promote as an affiliate and which links to use would be extremely helpful for us less savy technology ones.   I just want to be putting the right link out there so I can get paid.Thanks in...
abhishekagrahari 2016/11/30 07:31:24 0 0
Hi thereI installed the WhiteBox App on Windows 8.1. After I downloaded the SpinnerChief 3 (or 4). I get the following error on the registration to use the free version of the software. Please note that my friend also installed the app at the same time, and he has been running the applications successfully.The remote server returned an error: (401) UnauthorizedPlease help me resolve the problem. ...
audioscramble 2016/04/04 17:47:51 1 0
Just paid for the product but when i input the given serial number to login to tweet attack pro 4 it tells me I input an invalid serial number. 
irawanto29 2015/09/27 23:05:18 0 0
Hi,My commission status paid, but you not yet sent money to my paypal.Please help me. Thanks.2015-09-22 03:50:00 by WhiteHatBox>> No worry, all commission will be sent in 24 hours.2015-09-22 05:38:41>> Hi,I have one Unpaid Commission, last month i make a sale, i am waiting...
webnix 2015/09/04 14:53:14 0 0
Hiis there anyway to automate twitter email verification which twitter require from time to time for the accounts?Thank you.
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