Various Social Software Language You Understand it?

anthony jupiter | 2016-09-02 04:49:45
various symbols and tags on social media are Just as eat and sleep normal
Can you completely get it?

Social network most frequently used terms as follows.

eg:I can not decide if I should follow my ex-boyfriend on a microblog.
eg:You can choose to simply unfollow those users, block them or report the accounts to Twitter, as well - all with just one click.
eg:Did I tell you Jordan has just become my follower?
Lots of parents share cute photos of their babies on social media sites.
Why do not you comment?
We try to reply to all online inquiries within a week.
Repost / retweet

This is so useful I am going to repost it.


Her post only received one like.
This image has been liked thousands of times on Facebook.
Profile profile
Most social media sites ask you to upload a photo to your profile.
Add Friend friend
She was so surprised when her ex-boyfriend friended her.

Private letter private message / DM

You can only send direct message to those who follow you.

@ (Tone at)

You can @ us on microblog.
# (Sound hashtag)

You should use # before a trending topic.